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Ancient Healing for a Modern World

"Receiving bio energy from Marian was a mind opening experience. Her relaxed environment, positive energy, 100% commitment and energy made me feel comfortable and enlightened. Both myself and my daughter had bio energy treatment and I highly recommend it. Marian’s passion to help people heal is inspiring xxx"


"Nervously,I went to Marian and she put me at ease immediately.Firstly,I shared my inner thoughts and feelings to let her become aware of me as an individual.From this,Marian proceeded to carry out her work on me and found a burden I carried with me for over 30 years.She triggered an emotion in me to help how to deal with past negative events in my life.This I found very helpful and I have gone back a couple of times after with other bodily ailments which she also helped me with.I would strongly recommend Marian to anyone as she has a special calming way about her.Thank you Marian for everything."


“What can I say…. a little piece of Heaven everytime I go to Marian.

When everyday pressures prove to be just too much.. this is what makes me feel so much more safe & secure about what is going on in my mind and body and gives me the ability to deal with life and to let go of the inner clutter.

Also it helps that Marian is our Guardian Angel on Earth… a lady both inside and out.”


"I have visited Marion on a number of occasions. After each session, I felt relaxed and peaceful. Her treatments have eased old anxieties and helped me live happier and easier. I found Marion to be someone who is not only very intuitive but a lady who deeply cares about her clients and I highly recommend her."


"I have been attending Marian’s clinic for the last 6 years Marian has helped me so much in many aspects of my life. She is a truly gifted person and so welcoming and understanding I cannot praise her highly enough"


"I suffered a huge loss 8 years ago when my husband and I separated. The grief attached to such a loss was overwhelming and caused anxiety and depression among other challenges at different stages along the way. A very close friend of mine suggested trying bio-energy and put me in contact with Marian. I have never looked back. The sense of peace and relief I get from the energy work is worth it’s weight in gold. Marian has an incredible compassionate presence and you feel very safe and at ease in her company. There is no judgement as you bare your soul and are at your most vulnerable. Marian is an extremely gifted practitioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering energy work."


"Bio energy with Marion has changed my life her professionalism and level of understanding is outstanding I would highly recommend Marion and bio energy for anyone who suffers with anxiety."


"I searched the Internet in desperation looking for help for my anxiety. It was a blessing I came across Marian’s website. I felt a warm welcome from Marian and I have not looked back since. Treatment involved Reiki/Hidden Mind which has helped me tremendously. She has such a caring and gentle manner. I cannot thank her enough for making me feel a lot more positive and content in myself. I would recommend her to anybody."


"I have had depression, Anxiety and the list goes on. I started going to Marian for bio energy, since I started I can feel great changes. If I feel my mood is changing, I get a session of bio energy from Marian and I can’t praise Marian enough. Her welcome is indescribable and so sincere as you go into the room. Keep up the good work, I am very lucky to have found you, my life has changed."


"Over 10 years ago I attended Marian for general well-being. Marian was very welcoming & completely reassuring. I was so delighted with the results, I returned to Marian throughout each of my 3 pregnancies. I suffered sciatica during each pregnancy & felt great relief after each session. Thus resulting in a more enjoyable pregnancy. My eldest child suffered severe visible re flux. After 6-8 months of trial & error with different milks, medicine & appointments we were at a pure standstill. I asked Marian to work on her for a few sessions & we never looked back. I took my other two children to Marian, colic/re flux with one & to boost the immune system in the other. I rarely used antibiotics and I believe it’s as a result of the Bio Energy. I would highly recommended Marian’s treatments for any age or any ailment. It is completely natural and can only do one good. Enjoy your treatment. You won’t regret it!"


"My mum received a treatment with Marian over a year ago.she is sadly developing memory problems and with that can come alot of confusion and agitation,we have found mum much more relaxed and calmer in herself which is amazing and we hope to get her back again soon as just been in Marians space is a healing experiences . She has treated my extended family and has always been spot on with her intuitive advice."


"Marian did a healing on me a couple of years ago,I initially went with what I thought was an ongoing lung problem connected with having asthma,after the Bio Energy session Marian told me that my lungs seemed fine but she had picked up on inflammation in my gut.I then had that investigated and found I did have issues in that area which I am now treating successfully.The healing with Marian started a new phase in my life and and my wife and I have been on a continuing journey that has opened hearts and minds which has helped us us enjoy and appreciate our lives."


"I attended Marion for Bio-Energy healing about two years ago . I had an ongoing problem with neck and shoulder pains . I found the bio-energy of tremendous benefit and I had relief from my neck pain almost immediately.I continue to see Marion on a regular basis and I have to say I have never felt as well.Marion is a wonderful, caring and empathetic person ,and for me she is worth her weight in gold. I highly recommend Marion to people."


"I brought my 7 year old boy to see Marion in Sep 2017 to help with anxiety . Within a few days my husband and I noticed a remarkable change in our son. He was more relaxed and back to himself. I visited again last week and we have already noticed an improvement. Everyone needs to take time out and address our stress levels. Sometimes parents stress can manifest in children and it is good to be mindful of this also. Keep up the good work."


"I was suffering from back problems, anxiety, depression and negative thought. I had bio energy and inner mind treatments from Marion. I found it excellent. I felt very comfortable in Marion’s company, and the treatment room was warm and bright. I purchased Marion’s relaxation tape and I find it excellent, I play it regularly to keep me topped up with positive thoughts. I would strongly recommend Marion , she has changed my life."


"For our family, Marian is a God send. She has such a wonderful personality and calming affect. Her excellent method of treatment is her speciality.

We appreciate her genuine, gentle care at all times."


"I recently contacted Marian about my 88 year old mother who has been suffering with chest problems since Christmas. 4 antibiotics and 3 steroids later she was no better. I’m not sure how Marian does it (as we were in different parts of the country) but for the 1st time in 4 months she is on the mend. Couldn’t recommend Marian highly enjoy. She is gifted xx"


"I have suffered with anxiety for the past couple of months and, after trying many different approaches without much success, a friend suggested that I try bio energy healing. After my first session i was amazed at the improvement I felt. It was the only thing that was successful in alleviating my problems and I only wish I had found Marian sooner!

I now feel that I’m on the road to recovery and have felt more positive and content in myself than I have in a long time. I would like to thank Marian for being such a kind and generous person and for making me feel so welcome and relaxed. I would recommend her to anybody!"


"I was introduced to Bio Energy through Marian early in 2009 . At that stage I had severe pain daily and found day to day chores very difficult.
I have been working with Marian regularly for the past eighteen months or so and my life has completely turned around not only is my physical health one hundred percent better,
I am a far better person emotionally. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marian for all her help and work it has changed my life so much for the better ."


"I took my daughter to Marian as she had a slight stammer and she improved greatly after the bio energy it gave her more confidence in talking and she was more relaxed."


"I went to Marian when I had a lupus type rash on my legs within a few days after the bio energy it had disappeared it also increased my energy levels. I would highly recommend bio energy to people."


I've been too Marian a couple of times , she is just so lovely and kind and have really helped me. My daughter has also seen Marian for anxiety problems and the difference in her now is just amazing so thank you Marian

I had heard a little about Bio Energy, but was a bit nervous to try it.... eventually encouraged & adviser by friends & family members I went & met with Marian. Wow what an incredible experience... I just wish I’d gone sooner . Before seeing Marian , I honestly did not know what was wrong with me, GP visits & tests came up with nothing ... but I just knew - I wasn’t me! ...... I felt tired constantly & extremely drained, my emotions were all over the place, I was emotionally exhausted. I had one ( 2 hour) session with Marian ... & what an experience that was , not only was her space so relaxing & inviting ... it was calm, warm & unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. My session was pretty intense (in a good way ) I relaxed & enjoyed every min of it . Marian was so warm , calm & professional, I trusted her immediately. I left that session feeling like a new woman . I felt lighter & lifted ... Marian is one of a kind & I would (& have many times ) recommended her to friends of my own & family. I will most definitely be back , thank you for all you do Marian.


I went to Marian last year for bio energy/reiki treatment. I had been feeling anxious & full of tension for a few months which was very unlike me.
I'm usually a very positive & happy person who can handle any stress but the hormonal upheaval (menopause!) had begun & it was wreaking havoc & I'd also had a few stressful situations to deal with!!
When you first meet Marian you immediately feel completely comfortable & you know she is genuine & warm & you just know you are going to feel so much better after your bio energy session. I guess I didn't realise how much better I would feel!
Marian chats to you about what you might be expecting from the session & then you chat about how things are with you etc.
The treatment itself consisted of bio energy & also reiki which is beautifully relaxing. She actually tells You where you are feeling pain, tension or having issues & she is unbelievably accurate. When she works on you, you can Feel the energy working through you & moving through you. Some emotions come to the surface & lots of clarity which is surprising & unexpected. I could feel the tension leave my body, I could feel what felt like cold air moving though my legs & out through my feet & I have to say I felt confident & peaceful & calmer once it was over.

At the end of the session Marian & I both spoke about my feelings & what she had learnt about me when she tuned into my energy & what had happened at different points of my life. I was gobsmacked by her accuracy & it was all good in that feelings & negative energy were brought to the surface so I could let them go & move forward. Onwards & Upwards!!
It can take 5/6 weeks for the full affects of bio energy & reiki to really show & in those weeks I felt a rollercoaster of emotions, happy, sad, on edge, anxious, emotional & finally revitalised, confident, happy & most importantly, Myself again!! I came full circle.

I would highly recommend Marian, not just because bio energy & reki work wonders but also because she is warm, comforting, genuine, a great listener, personable, a confidence booster & yet professional too. I know she would be embarrassed by this praise but this is how I feel about Marian & my bio energy session.

Thank you so so much Marian for all you did X