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Based on the Mayo , Roscommon and Galway border, Marian Trench is a Bio Energy practitioner who has trained in Bio Energy Healing at the Plexus Institute. She also holds a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology.

Working at the Bio Energy Clinic, Marian uses her skills to unblock the energies in the body, which are causing pain, sickness, etc.

Ancient Healing for a Modern World

Bio Energy Healing
Corrective Sound Treatments
Food Intolerance Testing

Anxiety & Depression

Skin Conditions

Back & Should Pain

Digestive Problems

Ailments That Can Be Treated

From colic/reflux, skin conditions, digestive problems, back, neck shoulder pain, infections-Viral/bacterial. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, low self esteem, stress related issues, all types of aches or pains etc.

Marian is here to help.

What is Anxiety

Interview on Marian by Sharon Fitzmauruce

Visualisation With Sound Therapy CD

Marian has produced a Visualisation with Sound Therapy CD that will help you to work on your healing in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It is an ideal accompaniment for the therapies that Marian provides or as a standalone therapeutic aid.
Please email me if you wish to buy . You can purchase this invaluable healing tool for just €10 (plus €1.50 for postage & packaging) here via secure payment processor PayPal.

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